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Immigration and Nationality

We thoroughly understand the intricacies of United States immigration and nationality law and have experience assisting individuals and employers in meeting their legal goals and obligations. We regularly advise employers on their responsibilities under immigration law, particularly concerning verification of identity and employment authorization. We can assist employers in relocating foreign workers to our country. Individuals often engage us for a wide variety of immigration matters, including naturalization, the immigration of close family members, and questions relating to investment in the United States by non-citizens. Our immigration team is bilingual in Spanish. 

  • Advise Employers on their Responsibilities Under Immigration Law, Particularly Concerning Verification of Identity and Employment Authorization
  • Assist Employers in Relocating Foreign Workers to the U.S.
  • Naturalization
  • Family-based Immigration
  • Advice Concerning Investment in the U.S. by Non-Citizens
  • Assist employers with the transfer of foreign professionals
  • Represent professional athletes in P and O visa matters
  • Provide short and long-term planning for the foreign workforce of multinational corporations
  • Assist with both non-immigrant visa and immigrant visa (residency) matters

Primary Contact

Christine C. Mastin